Appraisals & Valuations

Businesslink Brokers provides expert business appraisals for business sales, as well as business valuations for management buy-outs (MBOs), buy-ins (MBIs), BIMBOs (hybrid buy-out/buy-in), share restructures, management incentive schemes, partnership dissolution, tax and retirement planning and other strategic purposes.

Business valuation isn’t an exact science. Estimating a fair and realistic asking price takes decades of experience and the careful analysis of factors that can be transient and go far beyond a business’s financial performance.

Many business transfer agents are unable to provide the depth of research and knowledge needed to properly gauge a business’s worth; by contrast Businesslink Brokers has the long-standing experience and commercial insight to judge a business’s saleability and calculate a price that a willing purchaser might be ready to pay in the prevailing market conditions.

How does Businesslink value my business?

We weigh up a wide range of criteria. As well as drawing on our sales knowledge, comparative analysis and buyer contacts, we will talk one-to-one with you, creating a clear and comprehensive context for our calculations. We then overlay key financial, market and commercial measures, including:

  • Turnover, profitability, trend and track record
  • Business type, scale & location
  • Current deal activity and popularity of business type
  • Continuity & stability of recent growth
  • Quality & continuity of management
  • Quality & spread of client base
  • Existing goodwill
  • Evidence of business being actively managed going forward
  • Current market conditions and trends
Appraisals for sales

We provide appraisals as an integral part of our business sales service or as a discrete service to clients requiring an estimation of their business’s worth to help them consider their options.

We will:

  • Produce a commercial appraisal of the business, taking into account the full commercial context including current trading, management resource and future opportunities
  • Examine cautious, optimum and central case scenarios
  • Recommend a target and/or marketing price supported by a full rationale
Valuations for other purposes

As well as valuations in preparation for business sales, we can also provide specialist valuations for share restructuring, MBO or MBI purposes or as part of any strategic review of your business.

To discuss your valuation or business sale needs in confidence, call us on 0207 112 9135 or 01273 857530, email us or contact us.