Selling A Business

Selling a business is often a once-in-a-lifetime event. Businesslink Brokers has the vision to help you capitalise on the opportunity a sale presents: by helping you to achieve a smooth and successful outcome.

Whatever reason you have for selling your business, we aim to help you gain optimum value from what is often a singular opportunity.  We work with business owners who have decided to sell due to retirement or for any other reason, as well as established companies wishing to sell a single contract and corporate firms looking to dispose of non-core activities or subsidiaries.

Our aim, whatever the type of sale, is to help our clients fulfil their aspirations by making a transaction happen in the best way for them.

Comprehensive service

Selling a business is a demanding process littered with potential pitfalls. So we offer a confidential and comprehensive service specifically designed to sell your business while minimising risk and maximising your returns. Our service is based on:


We put confidentiality at the very top of our priority list. While a certain degree of disclosure to buyers is necessary and fair, it must be strictly controlled. Our proven processes enable us to:

  • Maximise the security of your business
  • Minimise the release of sensitive information until the appropriate time – that is, when you have complete confidence in the buyer

We will:

  • Agree with you a protocol for release of information according to the unique circumstances of your business and apply it rigorously.
  • Research potential buyers so as to restrict discussions to bona fide companies with a genuine interest and ability to complete a deal
Advance planning & preparation

We know that a pre-planned company exit strategy can be far more productive than spontaneously selling when the moment feels right or when retirement is imminent. We can help plan your exit route months or years before selling, advising on your options and helping you to prepare your business to enhance its value and appeal. Early planning can reap major rewards in terms of securing you the best buyer and maximum proceeds from your sale.

From valuation to completion

Once you’ve decided to sell, we will provide a complete range of services to help gain your business optimal exposure and simplify and accelerate the path to a sale. As a first step, we will provide you with a full and realistic valuation of your business, expressed as an asking price range.

From there, we will put our full sales service into action, delivering the following support and resources:

Formulating your business sale prospectus

We’ll create a high quality presentation detailing the key facts about your business and its potential for our online business sales listing and marketing activities.

Proactively marketing your business

We’ll implement a full marketing campaign to gain your business maximum exposure and coverage, including:

  • Placement of your business details on our free-to-access, online businesses for sale listing for an indefinite period
  • Press and Internet advertising
  • Selected trade press advertising at our discretion, plus national press advertising at an additional charge, where deemed worthwhile
  • Active seeking out and encouragement of potential buyers using our network of prospects and extensive professional contacts, including private equity firms and brokers and intermediaries with clients seeking businesses to acquire
  • Vetting of, and communication with, prospective buyers including the obtaining of signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
Orchestrating & driving your sale

We’ll also work to lead, manage and secure your sale by:

  • Working seamlessly with legal, tax and property specialists to facilitate and speed a transaction
  • Meeting and leading negotiations with interested parties, evaluating offers and preparing Heads of Agreement
  • Liaising with and managing the supply of information about your business to all involved parties, as well as co-ordinating the transaction process through to completion
Our Fee Structure

Our approach to fees is fair and transparent. We charge a commission based on a competitive percentage of sale value, in addition to an all-inclusive, fixed fee for our core marketing and promotional services. We also hold a free, initial consultation to discuss your envisaged sale, which includes a free appraisal of your business to help you decide on your next move.

Contact us for a no-commitment discussion or learn about our business valuations service.